Alternative to Dairy Cheese

There’s no denying it, vegan cheese is the new sexy!

Make your own vegan cheese to wow your guests.

Plus, there is an easy and delicious recipe for you to download and try.

Keep your morning simple!

In this weeks Gulf News column I write about the many benefits of home-made bircher muesli.

One of the best pluses of this nutritious and cost effective breakfast is just how quick and easy it is!

Mood and Food

It’s uplifting to make good food choices!

Eat your way to happiness by eating more plants.

A Plant Based Lifestyle Diet

The finest way to good health is to simply eat more plants!

Next Plant Based Nutrition Program

We’re pleased to announce our next plant-based nutrition program!

Last year, the six week “Eat Well! The Benefits Of A Plant Based Diet” was a best seller. We learned a lot and laughed a lot. There’s something about gathering as a group to gain information about food and how to prepare it, that brings out the best in people.

So, I’m very excited about working with a fresh group of students at the Waiheke Adult Learning Centre every Wednesday, 5.30-7.00 PM, starting 8th May.

You can book online but, hurry! This program sells out quickly.

More testimonials from the last vegan cheese-making class!

Rose was fun, informative and creative!   10/10

Premaloka Trecy

I’d be very happy to recommend Rose’s cheese-making workshop 10/10 

Kathy Voyles

It’s a great and easy to understand workshop and really good to get to know the basics of making vegan cheeses. Rose is also very knowledgeable about nutrition too 10/10  


Rose is good at explaining how simple it can be done 10/10 

Sue Rutter 

Don’t hesitate to come!  Rose is lovely and inspiring.  Thanks was a lovely and tasty workshop 10/10  

Sophia Soccone

Very inspiring and loved Rose’s enthusiasm and extensive knowledge. Extremely yummy cheeses too! 8/10  


It’s very useful and impressive for your lifestyle 9/10   


I would encourage friends who are thinking of becoming more plant based to come. Rose’s approachable manner backed with scientific evidence and knowledge. 9/10  

Liz Harrop

Peek Inside a Vegan Cheese-Making Class!

Take a peek inside my latest vegan cheese-making class! It’s so much fun- and rewarding- to teach sixteen adult learners all about the benefits of adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

In this two hour class, we learned the craft of making your own vegan cheeses at home. Even though the process is not rocket science, there are definitely “tricks of the trade” if you want to avoid disappointment and get it right first time.

If you’d like to join my next class, get in touch!

Vegan Cheese Making and Tasting with Rose Margesson – Waiheke Adult Learning

Shop Like A Hunter-Gatherer

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of food shopping, you’re not alone.

It can be really difficult these days to choose the best foods for you and your family when you’re presented with so much choice.

To put shopping in perspective, try thinking about it this way.

When you roam the aisles of a modern supermarket, you are doing what your Stone Age ancestors did.
They scanned meadows, forests and streams for healthy things to gather.

They also did it in groups for security in a harsh and hostile world.

Today, most women shop alone. Instead of searching for the ripest berries, they scan shelves and read labels in a quest for healthy ingredients.
Your ancestors knew what to look what for and the choices were simple.
Today, food shopping is a complex path that’s studded with hidden pitfalls and misinformation.


od shopping should be fun, social and enjoyable

, not a confusing chore.

This is where I come in.

Call me strange but my passion is sourcing great food at the best prices.

I get the same kick out of reading labels that my forebears would have gained from studying a likely grove of fruit trees.

I love researching the the effects of different ingredients on the mind and body.

When I find something good, I even ask local supermarket managers to stock it.

But the thing I love best is sharing my discoveries with other women.

So, if you want to put the fun back into food shopping, please get on touch.

We’ll have you filling your trolley with all the zest of your ancestors in no time!

What We Do

Hi! I’m Rose, the owner of The Slim Hour.

I support women through mid-life transitions and beyond with

  • In-house Yoga, meditation and hypnotic relaxation classes
  • Tailored to your needs, health and personality. 

What makes us special?

I want each class to be special and something you look forward to.

  • Programs specifically tuned to your personality, needs and fitness level.
  • Attain specific goals and results.
  • Learn 1-on-1 with or with a small group of up to three friends.
  • At the time and place most convenient to you.