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learn the benefits of a Plant-Based Diet for weight management & take control of your health

Rose Margesson

I love to teach and inspire students about practical, enjoyable and time-saving ways to source, prepare and eat incredible food.

It’s food that hasn’t been coated with chemicals, or laced with preservatives, sweeteners or additives. It hasn’t been genetically modified, over-processed or refined. It doesn’t inflame or stress you.

And, it doesn’t stress your pocket book. In fact, I love busting the myth that a whole food plant-based diet is only for the well to do.

Gain a fun, new outlook on food

As satisfying as it is to to source and prepare great ingredients while saving money, my boutique classes are more than that. You also learn how to plan meals so you can avoid blowing out your budget. You learn how to read food labels so you can make the best choices at a glance. And you discover the research-tested science that links mood and food.

PRIVATE CLASSES for a more tailored lifestyle plan – book a one-to-one session.

private clients who want a more tailored lifestyle plan $80 per hour with free text-coaching in-between sessions

Join a group or book a private consultation for yourself or with a few friends.

+ Fun and easy tools to plan, shop and prepare delicious meals that save time and money
+ The benefits for your gut, heart and brain
+ How to take charge of your emotional eating triggers for weight management
+ The links between food and mood 
+ How to read labels and cut through the marketing hype 
+ Fun ways to involve the whole family and your friends

To find out more, call Rose on 021 051 8660. Or email here.