About Rose

I teach Yoga as well as whole food plant based nutrition classes on one of the most beautiful places in the world- Waiheke Island in New Zealand.

I grew up a ferry ride away on Auckland’s North Shore. At 17, I spread my wings to live in Ireland, London, New York, San Francisco, Boulder, and Vancouver. It was in Canada that I discovered Yoga after an extraordinary meeting with a senior teacher. Ever since, the practice of this ancient science and art has formed the foundation of my life.

It’s said that Yoga is the oldest personal development program in the world. Maybe. It certainly encouraged me to try things I would never have normally done, like attending nine 10 day silent meditation retreats, or throwing a white sheet over my stove and eating raw food for a year.

It certainly introduced me to some extraordinary people, such as Elsa Rabold. Elsa- a war refugee, founding member of the International Yoga Teachers Association and a full time teacher until the age of 94- became my teacher trainer and mentor in Australia.

And it definitely sustained me through the highs and lows of everyday life, like raising a family while building a business, blending families, studying on a shoestring in foreign countries, founding a successful Yoga studio, or running a mindfulness program for high school students.

Along the way, I’ve gained qualifications as an International Yoga teacher, a nutritionist as well as a coach and counsellor.

I love being active in the Waiheke Island community, where i serve as Deputy Chair of the Labour Party committee. I also teach nutrition courses at the Waiheke Adult Learning Centre.