Rose Margesson“The journey,  Not the destination matters”  T.S. Elliot

I admit it, I’m a dopamine junkie.  I’m addicted to having a good time.  Whatever your goal is,  it’s so important to be passionate about it,  simply because the experience becomes enjoyable.

My background is in marketing.  I started a cottage industry jewellery range and grew it into an international business supplying duty-free shops and major retail chains throughout NZ and Australia.  

I’ve lived in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England,  the USA and Mexico. 

After selling the business, I started a Yoga school and taught stress management programs in high schools and small businesses. 

Now, I coach women to get back on the path to self-empowerment.

I understand how life’s challenges pop up from time to time and how important it is to tap into your own resources.  Often it can be hard to do on your own.  

Looking back on my life, often I toughed it out on my own and clearly it would have been much more efficient and less painful if I’d just hired a coach to get me over the next hurdle.  

When I did eventually hire a coach, I felt supported and validated.  That’s why I became a personal coach,  I see value in what I offer and it’s transformative.