Dip. IYTA Dip. Hyp & Pysch. Dip. Nutrition

Do you want to change your relationship with food? Are you willing to try a healthier lifestyle? Are you interested in learning how to take control of your health through food?

That’s what our plant-based, whole food classes and sessions are about.

I’m a qualified nutritionist, lifestyle coach and international Yoga teacher as well as a mother and wife. As a young Kiwi girl, my love of wholesome food began over thirty years ago. At the time, like many young women today,  I suffered from a stress-related eating disorder. I overcame it by learning to love plant-based whole foods while living in a log cabin high up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with three friends.

You don’t need to adopt a radical alternative lifestyle to eat well. These days, business executives, athletes and even forward-thinking restaurant owners are embracing the plant-based whole food lifestyle. The reason is simple. If your body is the only vehicle you have to carry you through life, then the fuel you put into it should be of the highest standard. Because, what’s the point of working hard, or raising a family, if your health fails you?

That’s the reason I love to teach and inspire women about practical, enjoyable and time-saving ways to source, prepare and eat incredible food. It’s food that hasn’t been coated with chemicals, or laced with preservatives, sweeteners or additives. It hasn’t been genetically modified, over-processed or refined. It doesn’t inflame or stress you. 

On the contrary, the meals you prepare produce a lasting inner glow. They are nourishing, tasty and based on plants. They’re low-cost, nutritious and delicious. They even help counter the effects of climate change and cruelty towards animals. 

As satisfying as it is to to source and prepare great ingredients, our classes are more than that. You also learn how to plan meals so you can avoid blowing out your budget. You learn how to read food labels so you can make the best choices at a glance. And you discover the research-tested science that links mood and food.

So, join a class or book a private session so you too can build a healthy relationship with food, take control of your health, and try a fresh lifestyle. Your mind and body, as well as your friends and family, will love you for it!