Dip. IYTA Dip. Hyp & Pysch. Dip. Nutrition

Yoga has been the foundation of my life for over thirty years, ever since a magical encounter with a senior teacher inspired me as a young woman.

My working life began when I  started a cottage industry jewellery range and grew it into an international business supplying duty-free shops and major retail chains throughout NZ and Australia.

During this time, I raised a family while maintaining a regular Yoga and meditation practice.

In my late 30s my priorities changed. I sold the business and opened a Yoga studio. Within a few months, the studio was bursting with students and I had a waiting list. Bliss!

My approach then is what it is now. Keep it light, make it playful and have fun!

As the 9th Century Indian sage Puntajali – who wrote the first definitive guide to Yoga – believed, success in life, as in Yoga practice, comes with “effortless effort.”

I weave that sacred thread through every class.

In addition to an international Yoga teaching qualification, I gained Diplomas in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and nutrition in the UK.

I’ve taught and coached all over the world, including Australia, Ireland, England,  the USA, and Mexico.

I’ve now returned to my roots in New Zealand where I live with my husband on Waiheke Island.

All these experiences have taught me two lessons.

First, we all fall down at some point. Getting back up is so much easier a with a helping hand.

The second lesson is that the process of dusting yourself off and moving forward is so much more enjoyable with Yoga,