Rose Margesson
Dip. IYTA Dip. Hyp & Pysc Dip. Nutrition

“Preparing great food does wonders for your mood.” 

If you want to shed a few pounds, then think of me as the coach in your kitchen.

Has food shopping, label scanning and cooking become a chore and a bore?

Are you overwhelmed by too little time and too much choice?

The modern grocery store is no more diverse then the typical sub-tropical rain-forest with the diversity it presents.  The food selection process we were trained for millenia ago has changed.   Instead of knowing which berry may be poisonous, we are scanning labels to see what product has the most sugar or fat.

We take the guesswork out of food shopping. We even help you spring clean your pantry. And while we do that, we chat, talk and set goals.

Whatever shape you want to be in, I provide a fast and easy tracking system that’s simple and easy to follow.

I help women regain a positive body image and tap into their zest for cooking, meal planning and grocery shopping.

My approach is simple, small portion sizes, nutrient dense food and a positive attitude. When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off there needs to be an end to the “diet wars”.

Nourishment for your body and your soul is what we aim for so that you can become realigned and reset your nervous system which will ultimately reduce cortisol levels and weight naturally.

A little bit about me

My great love is Yoga and Nutrition.  It has been my field of passion for thirty years.  It’s never boring.  It’s not a job.

My background is in marketing.  I started a cottage industry jewellery range and grew it into an international business supplying duty-free shops and major retail chains throughout NZ and Australia.

After separating from my husband I returned to Yoga,  opened my studio and taught nine classes a week.

Since then I’ve remarried and blended families.

I’ve lived in Australia, Ireland, England,  the USA, Canada and Mexico.   I’ve returned to my roots in New Zealand.

My approach to life and coaching is to keep it light and playful.

On reflection when I eventually hired a coach myself, I felt supported and validated.

The key is to know when you’re ready to take the next step.