Embrace the benefits of a Plant-Based Diet to lose weight, take control of your health and regulate your moods.

Join one of our popular programs or book a private consultation for yourself or with a few friends.

You will learn and practice:

+ Fun and easy tools to plan, shop and prepare delicious meals that save time, stress and money
+ The benefits for your gut, heart and brain
+ How to take charge of your emotional eating triggers 
+ The links between food and mood 
+ How to read labels and cut through the marketing hype 
+ Fun ways to involve the whole family and your friends
+ Wild weed hunts and pesto preparations
+ How to make vegan cheeses

To find out more, call Rose on 021 051 8660. Or, post her an email here.

Very enjoyable. Good information and fun! I have more confidence to incorporate foods I had forgotten about. 8/10 for content and delivery. (Student on the Eat Well! Six Week Adult Learners Program)

Alli, Waiheke Island

Rose delivered home classes and coaching to me in Mexico. She inspired me with the belief that preparing meals and shopping with a plan could be fun! Over about six weeks, I lost five kilos. I highly recommend Rose as a coach.

Teresa Villeges

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