Ladies, would you like a boutique, in-house Yoga experience to help support you through  mid-life and beyond?

Let’s chat.

You can reach out to me on 021 051 8660. Or, post an email here.

Rose is awesome as a person, as a yoga teacher and as a walking companion. Since starting her “forest yoga” classes, I’ve been sleeping each night and feeling really good.

Thank you so much!

Ever since I started going to Rose’s “forest yoga” classes, my hair’s gone from a frizz ball to waves of golden silk. Amazing! It’s like my stress levels have smoothed out.

Blissed Out!

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Hi! I’m Rose, the owner of The Slim Hour. What do we do? We support women through mid-life transitions and beyond. We offer in-house Yoga, meditation and hypnotic relaxation classes that are tailored to your needs, health and personality.  We can work 1-on-1 or with a small group of up to four friends. We come to … Continue reading What We Do

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