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Do you want to feel focused, flexible and balanced to get more enjoyment out of your day?


  • a boutique Yoga class just for you (or you plus a few friends.)

  • an experienced instructor to help you create a space within your home

  • a coach to support you with weight loss, confidence and body image.

Take the first step, pick up the phone and let’s chat 🙂

021 051 8660. Or, post an email here.


I began my Yoga journey in 1998 and was fortunate to have Rose as my teacher for ten years. Rose embodies the essence of Yoga practice. She is an exceptional instructor and human being. (more…)

Jo-Anne Collins

Rose delivers home classes to me on Waiheke Island. Through movement, breath, and hypnotic suggestion, she tells me exactly what I need to hear on the day. After her classes, I can achieve more with less effort.

Clarity on Waiheke

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Hi! I’m Rose, the owner of The Slim Hour. I support women through mid-life transitions and beyond with In-house Yoga, meditation and hypnotic relaxation classes Tailored to your needs, health and personality.  What makes us special? I want each class to be special and something you look forward to. Programs specifically tuned to your personality, needs … Continue reading What We Do

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