Wellness Coaching

One Hour | Face-to-Face $70| Skype $50

In the midst of a modern epidemic of stress,  it can be difficult to cram one more thing into a life already packed with commitments. 

That’s where wellness coaching comes in. We help you prioritise your health and well-being so you can reach any goal with more confidence, focus and energy.  

What can you expect from a wellness coach?  

Together,  we work out strategies to remove perceived obstacles that stand between you and success.  

At the same time,  we shine a light on your unique skills and resources.

It’s all about building a strong partnership that puts you in the driver’s seat.  I help clarify what works for you and support you as you weave healthier habits into your daily life.

Whether you want to manage weight, rebalance your nervous system or realign yourself with your destiny,  I can help you with that.  

Some of the many benefits you can expect are:

  • Increase motivation
  • Empowerment
  • A plan for positive change
  • Stress reduction  
  • Feelings of gratitude
  • Improved strength & flexibility 
  • Ability to adapt 

How it works:

We begin with a complimentary 20 minute telephone or face-to-face consultation to make sure we are going to be a good team. In a relaxed setting, you can ask any questions you want.  

I’m interested in hearing about what’s gone wrong but the true emphasis is on how you want things to be different. 

You will leave excited and enthusiastic about your ability to build in the changes you’re looking for. You will also have a clear idea of a time frame and the number of sessions needed.