Heal Your Gut

Kitchen Revamp | Shopping Trip | Meal Planning | Coaching 


Making the decision to heal your gut starts with spring cleaning your kitchen.  

I help you revamp your pantry and fridge. Together, we get rid of tired and out-dated packages. We remove temptation and put some items in the “naughty basket”. 

We shine a spot-light onto dark places. Every kitchen has them!

We sit down together and do some meal planning.  Through trial and terror,  I have designed a very efficient system to do that. So it’s very time efficient.   

Then, we go on a shopping trip.  I show you exactly what ingredients you need and where to find them.  It’s a fun and informative experience! 

We will return armed with super-food and nutrient charged delights.  Together, we re-stock your shelves with everything you need to heal your gut for the next 30 days.

Add-on: If you need me to pitch to your family to get them on board, I can do that too. 

This is a one day event. Thereafter, you receive unlimited text support for 30 days. 

You receive a bonus free yoga class with this programme.